The Industries we serve:

Healthcare Security

Healthcare facilities are one of the most lucrative targets for theft and security breach. In the years 2014, a total number of thefts via breach were 46%, whereas 9% of the damage were done by point of sales intrusion. Be it a solo practice or a multi-location based hospital, the security of a health care firm requires substantial knowledge, expertise and planning to safeguard the premises. We pay special attention to secure your intellectual properties, online data (personal information) and payment information.

Oil, Gas & Industrial Security

Theft of machines and tempering with the warehouse items leads to over 63% loss in Oil and Gas industry. Inventory items are repeatedly stolen by the thieves, staff members and other professionals who visit the premises. We provide monitoring via mobile patrol checks which ensure safety from fire, vandalism and intrusion theft. You can also opt for IP Camera System, a state of the art technology that has an integrated security software program for receipt of video alarms and access to cameras on site. With Initial EyeWitness, we can conduct a virtual walk-through of your property using a predefined sequence of camera views.

Office, High Rise Commercial & Office Building Security

Increasing cases of theft, threat and intrusion in such facilities require a comprehensive security system that can not only guard but prevent such occurrences. We provide professionally trained security guards for such premises. Our uniformed officers ensure overall safety of people and property, providing a sense of security for your company and employees and special event guests. Whether you are a large corporation or small business owner, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective, complete security program tailored just for you.

Colleges Campuses and Post Secondary School

These require a special assignment security profile from our firm. We will assist you in designing and selecting cost effective, performance based systems such as:

– Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
– Card Access Systems
– Access Control
– Intrusion Detection Systems
– Identification Systems
– Key Control Management


For the safety of your staff, student as well as the protection of the property.

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