Mobile Security Unit

Mobile Security Unit Every posted security officer – even those whose duty is patrolling – has a Guard Station. It may be our client’s high visibility reception area, an access control checkpoint, a Security Control Center with CCTV and alarm monitors or just a small table with a telephone at a construction site. But no […]

Customer Service

Too many security officers see themselves as having one major interest – physical security systems, security hardware and procedures. After all, we are called security officers and we are in the private security industry. We take real pride in our security skills, and living up to the disciplines that go along with deterring criminal acts […]

Your Attitude Affects Everyone Around You

Security Officer’s are required to interact with a number of different people each day. Officers come in contact with clients, client customers, supervisors, and co-workers. Listed in this blog! are some tips and suggestions to assist you in making your working life easier and less stressful.There are many things out of the Security Officer’s control, […]

Ranked #5 in Security Magazine

Initial Security was ranked Top 5 Security Company in 2002 by Security Magazine with $268.2M in sales. For more information please visit at

Setting Goals for 2016

The arrival of a new year is the best time to set goals for improving the quality of your life in each of seven human development areas: physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, family, and career. Use the following goals checklist: Ask yourself, “what should I do for my physical and mental health, for social and […]

Making A Good First Impression

As just about everyone knows, first impressions are important but how do you make a good first impression? Here are a few pointers for getting off to a good start when you just meet a client or other associate: Try to focus on what the other person is saying which sounds obvious but when a […]

On Leadership – The Follower’s Perception

Leadership should be a reciprocal process that occurs between two people – a leader and a follower. It should not be done by one person to another. Successful leadership depends more upon the follower’s perception of the leader’s abilities than on the leader’s perception of him or herself. Truly successful leadership is achieved when the […]

Focusing on the Solution

Every now and then you need to take action to solve problems at work. It’s very easy to simply point out a problem. You may have heard another employee say, “That will never work.” Or maybe an officer has said to another, “That was a dumb idea, they should have asked me.” Does this really […]

Choosing Security Company in US

We know that choosing the right security company can be difficult. It may seem there is little or no difference between security companies. I believe there is, said Sam Dhaliwal. At Initial Security, we have been protecting companies for over 30 years. We know how it’s done. We listen. We have delivered quality security service […]

The Proactive Security Officer

The Proactive Security Officer Many officers look at their jobs as just a matter of following instructions. The officer will complete tasks that have been laid out for him or her in Post Orders and do what the supervisor assigns.However, responding to written instructions and verbal orders is just the beginning of a proactive security […]

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