Initial Security uses the latest in security technology with IP camera systems. The high-resolution video and rapid relay back to our monitoring centres ensures a response time that is crucial to theft and vandalism prevention. There is an integrated security software program in every Initial Security monitoring centre for receipt of video alarms and access to cameras on site.With Initial EyeWitness, we can conduct a virtual walkthrough of your property using a predefined sequence of camera views.

Our smart security cameras immediately target any area on your premises that is breached and will relay information to our security centre, alerting our team and sending them into action.

Our expert camera installation crew provides the equipment and software to monitor your property and make sure your security needs are met.

Remote Video Monitoring

Initial Security’s back-to-base video monitoring with integrated smart camera technology is second to none. Our security experts can remotely monitor your premises, providing an instant response to emergencies and connect immediately to local emergency services if required.

There is a certain level of peace that comes from knowing someone has your back, and Initial Security is there to ensure your home or business is a secure environment for you and your family, friends and associates.

Our secure real-time remote monitoring allows us access to your most vulnerable areas where you might not want a physical guard present. With this security technology, we can be in more places at once, guaranteeing the widest surveillance possible.

Intruder caught in the Act. This clip is taken from Substation Site.

Transcript to Substation Security

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