Join Us.

Initial Security has many available openings for qualified personnel across the country wishing employment in the security industry and always welcomes applications.

If you are interested in full or part time employment in a fast paced, expanding industry and meet the following qualifications please feel free to contact us at one of the phone numbers or email addresses listed .

You must:
– Be of legal working age in the province you intend working in (usually 18)
– Have no criminal record
– Be physically fit, capable of conducting the required scope of work
– Have a minimum grade 12 education or GED equivalent
– Be willing to take the required training and pass an entrance examination and testing process
– Be willing to take additional training as required
– Prior experience in security, law enforcement or the military is always an asset but we generally are looking for people with above average interpersonal skills and those who have had experience in retail, commercial or other industries where “customer service” is essential.

The security industry is a great career opportunity with lots of room for advancement. Contact one of our local Initial Security offices or recruitment officers if this type of work is of interest to you.

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