Our goal here at Initial Alarm is to match the right alarm system for your security needs. The state-of-the art equipment we install is guaranteed to deter intruders and ensure rapid response during an emergency situation. The sense of peace and security that comes from knowing you are properly protected is invaluable.

Alarm Monitoring

When you prepare to leave your home or business and turn on your alarm system, you also want to know that there is a team of security experts watching over your premises while you are not there.

Initial Alarm are on the job. Our professional team will remotely monitor your site, alert for any threats to your security.

We can provide two-way voice monitoring, to deter any would-be intruders before any damage is done; and if there is a security breach or emergency, we are either first on the scene or can connect with emergency responders immediately.

Alarm Response

Our alarm response team answers the call for efficient and effective alarm response for your property. No longer do you or an employee have to attend an alarm in the middle of the night, or face municipal fees for police attendance to false alarms. Initial Alarm. is the main point of contact for your alarm monitoring company—leave it to us to deliver the superior service that we are known for. Initial Security will provide the key-holding and locking/unlocking service, as well as immediate alarm response with our trained security officers in marked patrol vehicles.

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