“Experience is the teacher of all things”

We, at Initial Security find it to be true and encouraging. Our 75 years of experience in the security industry have taught us all about security threats and breaches. We have graduated from security guards to surveillance cameras and now to live video monitoring.

Because we believe in staying ahead of time. Thieves and people with notorious skill sets have a very creative mind. They can find ways to ditch guards and cameras, but with stealth video monitoring it is harder than ever to breach security.

A live monitoring reduces the risk of theft by 98% by interrupting the process and stopping the theft and vandalism even before they occur. Due to our diligence, on-site, real time monitoring and intervention, you can live a peaceful life at the fraction of the cost. Our cutting edge technology not only safeguards your premises, it saves your time and money by reducing the risk factors.

Initial Security – New age technology with age old wisdom!

Initial Security is a real time theft monitoring firm. Our services can be customized depending on the needs of an industry. These include (not limited to) installation of cameras, monitoring hours and access control.

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