Mobile Security Unit

Every posted security officer – even those whose duty is patrolling – has a Guard Station. It may be our client’s high visibility reception area, an access control checkpoint, a Security Control Center with CCTV and alarm monitors or just a small table with a telephone at a construction site.

But no matter how grand or humble, the guard station must be kept presentable. Care must be taken to be sure that the guard station appearance represents our high standard of service professionalism. Every Guard Station should have a set of Post Orders outlining officer responsibilities while on duty. Post Orders should be kept neatly in a binder. If they become worn, if the information is outdated, or if many changes have been penciled in, you should notify your supervisor.

Every Guard Station should have a Post Log communication Book – a running date, time, and event log (usually a binder) that is used to keep track of significant post activities that occur during shift duty over the weeks and months – officer reporting for duty times, emergencies and incidents, special instructions received by telephone, actions taken in response to client requests, and officer sign out.

When not in use, post equipment should be kept in a desk, wall locker or storage cabinet for safekeeping, and to help preserve the professional image of the Guard Station.

-Coats and rain gear should be hung in a closet, or placed on a rack.
-Keep your Guard Station orderly and tidy.
-Boxes, equipment, and supplies should not be left on the floor. Overflowing ashtrays and trash cans are unsightly; they are also fire hazards. Soft drink cans, old coffee cups, and the debris of breaks should be disposed of, not left lying around. Do not allow your Guard Station to get that cluttered look.
-Reports, blank forms, and paperwork should be stored in desk drawers. The report that should be seen by the casual passerby is the report you are working on. If you leave your desk for any reason, that report should be placed out of sight in a drawer, or folder.

Keep in mind that the Guard Station, not matter how small, is a reflection of your self-respect and pride. If the Guard Station stands tall, if it speaks to passersby, saying I am organized, clean and ready for inspection, chances are that everyone who sees your Guard Station will have a feeling of respect for our client, our Initial Team, and you as professional Security Officer.


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President’s Desk

Things go better when everyone pulls together. This is especially true in security work. Officers rotate by shift; each officer replaces, or is replaced by another officer. We all depend upon each other to pass the word about post changes or problems and to warn others about unusual security and safety situations.

Officers must depend upon their supervisors to keep them informed about policy and procedure changes, look after their uniform and supply needs, and to solve pay and morale problems.

Branch managers depend upon their officers to serve our clients in a way that brings pride to them and to us as a company. Managers must depend on supervisors for leadership in the field among our officer force. Managers must also depend on officers and supervisors to keep them informed about service problems in order for Initial Management to be responsive to our client needs and difficulties.

Although many officers man isolated posts, alone, there is a team of security professionals watching your progress; on call and ready to assist when needed. Officers must be able to depend upon responsive supervision and management.

We all depend upon each other to make security a reality on behalf of our clients. Everyone on the Initial Team is vital to the success of our company. Hold up your end of team success by being a dependable observer, reporter, and a dedicated contributor to our client’s security and our professional image.

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