Security Officer’s are required to interact with a number of different people each day. Officers come in contact with clients, client customers, supervisors, and co-workers.

Listed in this blog! are some tips and suggestions to assist you in making your working life easier and less stressful.There are many things out of the Security Officer’s control, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and a bad attitude.You do, however, have control over your own attitude and outlook on life.

Look over the following information and try to incorporate it into your daily routines. You will feel better about yourself and others will appreciate your efforts.

Do Not Doubt Yourself So you are being assigned a new post or position? Is that small voice of self-doubt whispering to that it will be too hard or too different? Here are some ideas to quiet that voice and go into the new position with confidence.

Step 1: Write down the negative thoughts. Simply list the doubts that are bothering you as you push into new territory.Once you see it on paper, it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Step 2: Change each negative into a positive statement.Sometimes your own gut will fight this step, but do it anyway.For example, you can change the statement “I’m in way over my head”, to “I’ve been assigned to new places before, and I’ve done well.”

Step 3: Get Perspective. Assess steps 1 and 2 to get to this point. If, for example, there is one or two duties you are unsure about, you can go over them once at the beginning of your shift and again at the end to build your confidence level.

Improve Co-worker Relationships
They are rude, they are insensitive, and maybe they are some ofyour co-workers. If you think respect and civility is at an all-time low in the workplace, you are not alone. How do you combat rude and uncivil co-workers?

Here are some etiquette tips:
Don’t be a tattletale. If a co-worker is bugging you in some way,try talking to the person before going to your supervisor. Use a little humor. A lighthearted approach to addressing a rudeco-worker can help diffuse defensiveness on the part of the offending party. It may not solve the issue right away, but it’s a good start.Take an internal inventory. Before you say or do anything,figure out if it’s worth spending your energy on this issue or behaviour. Ask yourself whose problem it really is, whether it affects you directly, and whether you have to change your attitude about it.

Distance Yourself.
If the person is someone you just do not get along with, distance yourself from the person both physically and emotionally.

Make Your Supervisor Happier
If you give your Supervisor more input and information, he or she can in turn give you more direction. All Supervisors can be more effective if his or her Security Officers are communicating.More often than not supervisors like to hear what their officers are seeing and experiencing on the front line. What are customers complaining about? Is there a better way to get thework done? Are Supervisors falling short when conveying their messages to the officers?

The idea is to work with people above you to help them – and you – to do a better job.

On the other hand, are you really getting everything out of meetings with your Supervisor that he or she is trying to convey? Do not leave meetings wondering why you were even there. Pay attention to the meeting’s purpose and how you fit into the picture. Say your Supervisor has presented a new routine in your daily duties and he or she wants to implement the changes. Once heor she gives you the new routine, jot down specific things you can do in order to make the transition easier for everyone.Note any additional items that you will personally be responsible for, even if it’s just informing other officers of the changes. Before the meeting ends, quickly review the action items on your list to make sure you understand what is expectedof you.

Then you can walk out of Supervisor’s meetings with a sense of purpose and a list of concrete actions you can take.
Always Make Customers Your Focus

How many times have you had an idea to improve service toclients and customers? Now, how often do you let those ideas fall through the cracks?Try this tactic to keep your mind focused on making customers happy: Create a “my little contribution form”. Use it to record your ideas on how to improve customer service and to helpthem appreciate Initial Security more. Try to write down at least one suggestion a day regardless of how busy you get. Keep the form in a visible place so it reminds you to think about customer service.

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