The arrival of a new year is the best time to set goals for improving the quality of your life in each of seven human development areas: physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, family, and career.

Use the following goals checklist:

  1. Ask yourself, “what should I do for my physical and mental health, for social and spiritual fulfillment, for financial security, for my family, and for my career?” “What obstacles must I overcome to achieve those ends?” “What small steps can I takenow to get on the road to achievement in 2016?”

  2. Decide upon one major goal for each human development area. For example, physical health: being overweight is the primary cause of life threatening disease. Cigarette smoking is another. One major physical goal would be to reduce weight to a specific, suitable level. Another goal might be to quit smoking.

  3. Set a realistic target date in the future when you plan to -when you can – achieve that major goal.

  4. Set realistic intermediate goals and achievement dates. With the major weight loss goal, if you plan a 30 pounds loss by July first — simple math will tell you intermediate goals of five pounds per month from January to July will result in the 30 pounds loss. Take full advantage of all available opportunities,like education improvement at local colleges.

  5. Think about and plan for the obstacles you will have to overcome. With the diet for improved physical health, your family can play an active role in reducing temptation.

  6. Prepare a tentative goals plan for each human development area. Include major and intermediate goals, and planned achievement dates.

  7. Let your tentative plans sit for a few days before rethinking them with your mind on achievement — do not take on impossible goals.

  8. Show your tentative goal plans to associates — get as much input from respected, trusted, wise counsel as possible.

  9. Finalize your written goals/plans. Openly announce your commitment to the goals you have set.

  10. Chart your plan on a special goals calendar — to provide timely reminders, and record progress.

  11. Involve your family and friends in helping you stay on tracktoward achievement of your goals.

Follow up. As the year progresses, record achievement on your goal plans and calendar. Goals are defined as the ends toward which effort or ambition isdirected. Everyone should have clearly defined, achievable goals in his or her life. Goals are the stair steps toward brighter personal, family and professional futures. Self-realization involves continuously working toward improvement in, or development of the whole person, and thesetting of specific goals for each of the seven human development areas; physical, social, mental, spiritual, financial, family and career development.

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